Digital Marketing eBooks

I curated all the knowledge from the past years into different assets such as podcasts, blog articles, and now ebooks. Hope you like it.


Marketing Template

Content Plan 2021

Economize your time in organizing and planning your content in advance with this amazing template.

Why you should get it?

  • Easy way of organising
  • Unique Yearly Template for Content
  • It’s Free and Easy to Use
content plan sheet for 2021 and 2022

2020 Ultimate Toolkit:

Grow your Busines Online

I am often asked about the tools I use to manage and grow my online strategy in different projects.
In this e-book you’ll find these different tools in the following areas:

  • Digital marketing, Search engine optimization (SEO)
  • Internet Security, Content Marketing
  • Growth Hacking, Social Media
  • Productivity


For ranking higher on Search Engine

Organize your next step-by-step SEO audit for full optimization and with high-actionable tooling.

Why you should get it?

  • Learn how to do a proper keywords research
  • Learn how to do a proper On-site analysis
  • Learn how to do competitive analysis


For publishing Blog Articles

Get your blog article ready to launch in less than 1 day with full SEO optimization.

Why you should get it?

  • Learn how to optimize your blog article
  • Learn the guidelines for the blog structure
  • Learn how to use a good image optimization

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