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I help B2B brands drive leads effortlessly and grow a RevOps engine that works.


Brands I’ve worked for:

Full-funnel & allround marketeer with +10 years experience

  • +10 years of marketing experience with a stellar track record of data-driven campaigns.
  • B2B, B2C, all-round strategic marketeer.
  • Deep skills-set in conceiving, planning, and executing
    multi-channel campaigns across diverse business
    segments and global regions – NA, Europe, Latam and
    Africa – for early-stage start-ups to large industry leaders.
  • + €15M attributable revenue through overseeing full-funnel strategies and processes.
  • Head of Growth, GTM Advisor for early-stage startups
    and building up Videco (SaaS).

I help you to increase revenue and drive sustainable growth

As a allround passionate marketeer, I’ve always shown results based on a very strategic and holistic approach over the OKRs of the business.
This means that I quickly see connections and opportunities that can improve the entire customer journey.
Thanks to my broad knowledge and in-depth expertise, I can fulfil different roles, resulting in a more efficient way of working than a team of specialists. This allows us to take your brand to the next level together and realize sustainable growth.

Head of Growth (fractional)

Get a T-shaped marketeer with management skills that will kickstart your marketing efforts.

1-on-1 GTM session (1h)

This session is perfect for founders that are lost in their next steps to commercial effectiveness and launch of their startup. 

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As Alex’s manager, I was impressed by his dedication, passion for growth marketing and entrepreneurial mindset. Alex has a highly diverse skill set, acts quickly and is always learning. He also has a strong sense of ownership, loves to collaborate and is great to be around which makes him a valuable team player . I highly recommend him for any growth marketing role.

Petar Zaykov, VP Growth – Foundever

Alex does not know the word "complacency." Not because his vocabulary is limited; on the contrary, actually, it's that he will not accept the status quo, and he will push to get more out of results and more out of the goals set out every time. He is dedicated to his craft, and it shows. I've so very much enjoyed working with him and seeing him grow in the team as well as contribute to the international growth of Lightyear. I have no doubt he will leave his mark wherever he goes and if you are given the chance to work with Alex, you should not pass up on the opportunity.

Rachel Richardson, Head of PR – lIghtyear

Never have I met someone who is so enthusiastic and evidently passionate about a craft as Alex is about all things digital marketing. Always buzzing with ideas, striving for high performance & bringing the latest industry insights to the table, I can honestly say it was a pleasure to work alongside Alex & have his uplifting energy on the team! Alex is an entrepreneur with big dreams & an even bigger desire to help businesses grow and I have no doubt that he will take the world by storm.

Zahra Sadiq, Head of Social – SUPER AGENCY

A bit about myself

I’m a seasoned marketer with over a decade of experience in digital and growth marketing strategies. My journey has been about creating data-driven campaigns and designing well-structured products that drive rapid sales in fast-paced environments.

I’ve worked across various business segments and regions, from North America and Europe to Latin America and Africa, for everything from early-stage startups to industry leaders.

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