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What other’s say

“Super extensive lists & exactly-what-you-need templates for anyone starting out in Growth Hacking! Alex saves you a few months of searching the internet by putting all these tools & tactics in one place.”

Ward van Gasteren

Growth Hacking Coach, Grow with Ward

“Nice pack. It will be helpful to those who are just starting in growth to put all this together.”
Alex Pisarevsky

Founder & CEO, Epic Growth

“Growth With Alex’s SEO & Analytics Tactical Pack is a handy all-in-one collection of resources to help you dominate SEO and Google Analytics. As I’m a sucker for a good spreadsheet, my favourites include 120+ Best SEO Tooling (so I can quickly find and identify SEO tools for my clients’ needs without having to resort to hours of googling) and the Google Analytics checklist, which is helpful to streamline the entire GA process, or hand it over to a team member. It saves me hours in creating process docs for my staff. I highly recommend this pack for agency or business owners who are ready to streamline their processes and want a plug-and-play SEO pack at their fingertips.”

Angela Allan

Founder, Mads Collective Group

“The Tactical pack is excellent! I genuinely recommend it to those starting in the field of Growth hacking and feel lost about the tactics, plan, and how to prioritize your experiments. If you need guidance about how to start executing your growth plan, this is the right material.

Instead of searching on Google for endless hours to find good quality material, you can find all you need here.

Thanks, Alex, for this material. I found many resources that I’ll use in my work. ”

Fernanda Face

Growth Marketing Manager, Nubank

Hello, I’m Alex

More than 7 years in developing and creating digital marketing strategies, I am able to design well-structured products with the main focus on selling it in a fast-paced environment. Some numbers below for you to get the idea:

  • +250k in Paid Media (Social & Google Ads)
  • +1M in Revenue to SaaS & Hospitality Brands
  • +100k in Online Community Growth to Customers


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