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From doing a digital audit to your entire business into really giving you the best solutions for each step of the sales funnel. I offer services of Digital Marketing side-by-side within Growth Hacking techniques to help grow faster.

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Anxious to contribute in any niche market and to support your company with advanced digital solutions focused on conversions. In the last 8 years, I worked with more than 50 brands within the national and international markets which allowed me to specialize in Digital Marketing and Growth Hacking.

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I’m grateful for having the opportunity to work with so many different projects.

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Why is important to have an online presence?

In a recent study (2020), Google finds out that more than 60% of businesses don’t have a proper online presence and that could be surpassed by those that have it before 2030.

So, with this said, why shouldn’t your business have the right marketing strategy in order to compete in higher levels? Let’s talk more about it by connecting on my social media accounts or by sending an email.



Improve your online presence with the different services of PPC, Social Media Management, Content Creation, SEO, and Consultancy.


With top techniques of Growth Hacking, I’ll be able to provide the best solution to your business, with constant experimentation.


From Ecommerce to regular websites, I can develop exactly what you need for your project, on the vision you always had. 


During his time working at the Turim Hotels Group, he was very knowledgeable about the main digital marketing tools, focused, interested, and a good colleague.


Alexandra Martins

Marketing Director, Turim Hotels Group

Friendliness, professionalism and availability is what we can find with Alexandre Contador.
I strongly advise.


Rui Almeida

CEO, OnTour – Artist Agency

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