Top 6 Digital Marketing jobs in 2020

by Sep 4, 2020Freelancer, Remote Work

The world of digital marketing is now full of different paths where it’s getting really catastrophic to build a career in a single field. The younger generation is facing the necessity of studying double the time to get sharper on different fields such as machine learning, artificial intelligence, and ethical design to get on top of the new updates.

To be a successful marketer you will need to have different types of mindset that could lead you to a more complete professional in your career. By experimenting with a lot of evolving tools and technologies you will find the motivation to continue learning different techniques to achieve your goals on a long term basis

  • Growth Marketing
  • Neuro A/B tester
  • Sixth sense analyst
  • Purpose planner
  • Bot Creators
  • Data ethnographers


1. Growth Marketing

Growth marketers, unlike growth hackers, combine the skills of T-shape marketers, engineers, and product managers in one role. CEOs will continue to invest in growth marketers who are data-driven and can identify opportunity gaps for significant ROI increase.

2. Neuro A/B tester

Organizations will soon move away from surveys and focus groups to capture qualitative data. It will be the job of the neuro A/B tester to report on the brain activity of customers when they come into physical contact with a brand during experiential and sensory campaigns.

3. Sixth Sense Analyst

A trend-spotter might have a pulse on nascent marketing behaviors and opportunities, but going one step further and predicting trends before they happen is the job of a sixth sense analyst. This role requires converting AI-driven predictive intelligence data into actionable customer insights, helping inform the development of trendsetting products and services.

4. Purpose Planner

We know that “purpose” is the new commercial battleground, and the marketing industry will need people to conceive, shape and launch dedicated purpose journeys for organizations as they seek differentiation. The aim of this role will be to define and articulate a brand’s contribution to society and its purpose for both customers and prospective employees.

5. Bot Creators

The Bot Creators will ensure that bots deliver an authentic and compelling experience, tied to brand differentiation and personalization of the user journey. They will be responsible for integrating the output from automated software, working closely with programmers to make sure bots are delivering creative messages to the right audiences and bringing the results that the business needs.

6. Data ethnographers

Data ethnographers use numbers to tell a story about how customers interact with a brand. They know how to read data and extract human insights to inspire fresh ideas, uncover new marketing angles and provide a competitive edge. This role is going to become more and more essential in the digital era, given the mountains of customer data we collect from online and offline touchpoints including IoT, wearables and mobile devices.

Final thoughts

I truly believe that these marketing jobs were created due to the different approaches from the past years on the market, and also the evolution of each topic we have identified before to create opportunities for employment. These jobs are part of different studies that lead to this specific choice, there are other functions that growing as an option for this.

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