Top 5 tools for your Social Media Strategy in 2020

by Sep 4, 2020Digital Marketing, Tools

With more than 4 billion users, it is almost impossible for any business to promote its product without having a good digital footprint. Believe me, social networks are here to stay and intend to achieve even more advanced development when it comes to filling the user’s day-to-day. With that said, I leave you with the 5 tools you can use in your digital marketing strategy.

  1. Planoly
  2. Ingramer
  3. Uplead
  4. Canva
  5. Swonkie
  6. Conclusion

1. Planoly

Somehow you have that audition you can’t miss but you also need to publish those photos from last week’s photoshoot? Don’t worry about it. With Planoly you will be able to schedule all of your posts in advance and still see a preview of your content.

This will make you grow your Instagram Strategy and understand how to do some testing with your images. Planoly has an app for Android and IOS that will make you be laptop free.

Tip: Schedule 4-5 posts per week to get your Instagram profile to grow fast and be recognized internationally.

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2. Ingramer

Ingramer is a tool that helps you grow your Instagram account fast and with true followers. You may have the possibility to create a bot for your business account in order to get more engagement with your followers and this way retaining their interest in your content.

Tip: Try it with a secondary account.

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3. Uplead

Gain more instagram followers with a dedicated account manager that will make you grow as fast as possible. With a really easy setup for your or client instagram account, you’ll be able to improve it without being blocked by the Instagram algorithm and keeping the good work in a fast paced environment.

Tip: if you feel like not taking the risk for your main account, just create a new one with different email and tryout all of these different tools. With this said you will understand how it works on a long term basis.

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4. Canva

Canva is one of the top tools for a marketer in 2020, as it lets you design any content that you need from Instagram Stories to complete Marketing Presentations in order to gather a client.

With Canva you’ll be able to create different types of content that will easily improve your brand consistency and awareness.

Tip: Tryout different templates to see which one represents your brand and client’s work.

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5. Swonkie

Swonkie its one of the best tooling if you want to work in different ways with your clients. You could manage their community in there with the engagement feature, schedule different posts and increase your brand awareness in all of these different topics.

Tip: use the dashboard to engage with your main audience and boost your subscription to get better reports.

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Use all of these tools in a wise manner and you will have the right marketing cycle optimization that you need to manage your growth. Always think that isn’t how much do you post but how smart is your content strategy for the audience and goals you want to achieve.

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