What is Affiliate Marketing? (Step-by-Step Guide)

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affiliate marketing
Affiliate marketing is a more recent form of advertisement. It can be seen on many websites, through sponsored ads or through affiliate links. These are links that redirect to another website, usually an e-commerce site. Affiliate Marketing is one of the most popular forms of internet marketing because it takes little start up costs and often generates high revenue for both the advertiser and the affiliate. The money is made by earning commission through sales generated on your website.

This article will explain the different types of affiliate marketing, including some benefits and potential disadvantages of each type of affiliate program.


Affiliate marketing has been around for a long time. In fact, the first recorded case of affiliate marketing was in 1866 when a publisher persuaded booksellers to commission salespeople to sell his books. Affiliate marketing has been evolving constantly since then and now offers individuals who have a passion or different skillset from their employer an opportunity to make money online, as well as companies who are looking to create a wider reach.

affiliate marketing history
In the mid-1990s, an affiliate program was first implemented by William Tobin’s PC Flowers and Gifts . Since then, online marketing has been used as part of many different websites.

In ’96, Tobin applied for a patent on the “affiliate marketing” and “tracking” procedure. He was granted the patent in 2000. Although PC Flowers and Gifts was not the only company around at the time that started to depend on affiliate marketing, it was the first. Other businesses then saw the success of PC Flowers and Gifts and the business model and decided to adopt it for their own use.

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The Product Owner/Advertiser is the owner of the product, which supplies an affiliate program for other professionals to market the same thing as a promotion for a fee.


An Affiliate/Publisher is responsible for generating what the producer is looking for. An Affiliate can be a person or company, who has traffic or knows how to generate it (and deserves to) monetize.

Affiliate Network

A platform allowing producers and affiliates to work together is a platform where producers can network and employers can find employees using independent technology and a network of partners.


1. Coupon sites

Coupon or deal sites are incredibly popular types of affiliate websites today, due to their ability to bring in eCommerce customers. Advertisement are why people choose to go there over conventional paid sites, and that’s the main reason affiliate websites have been so popular for so long.

2. News and media sites

News and media sites have been getting involved in the affiliate game for a while now. While it doesn’t necessarily help the spread of false information, many of the larger media companies are monetizing online content and advertising affiliate links within articles.

3. Content sites

If you’re familiar with heavy content websites, then you’ll know that they are comparable to magazines. They regularly have fresh content as well as columns and short articles, and they have sponsors in addition to affiliate banners and links.

4. Review Sites

These sites normally evaluate different advertisers, usually in a particular niche. A number of the most well-known websites to look for these include Amazon, and affiliates/partners are informed to create Amazon review sites as a means to kickstart their business and start generating profits.

5. Shopping Comparison

eCommerce tools, such as price comparison shopping sites, can use data feeds contained in their systems that contain affiliate links. When a user follows the link to buy an item from the merchant’s website, it is an affiliate link, helping this site earn a commission.

6. Email

Despite text messaging being uber-popular, email is still very popular. And numerous affiliates use it as a means of making money. Large publishers have built email lists as a way to rely less on Google traffic and penalties from algorithm updates.

7. Mobile app

A lot of different websites, especially those using coupon or shopping comparison sites, construct in hyperlinks toward their apps. The same goes for any apps out by themselves, such as Shazam or Hangman, that link to the App Store.

8. Bloggers

Bloggers are a subset of content types, but there are blogs that focus on specific niches. These include hobbies, consumer product reviews, money saving, and tips on how to go about day-to-day life.


Affiliate marketing is not a simple market to enter and the competition is huge, so be prepared to put in the work. The following tips should help you get started in affiliate marketing:

1. Choose a Niche

The first step when starting any new business is to choose a niche. If you are starting a business from scratch, and you have no traffic or sales, a niche is a good starting point. There are many different niches available for affiliate marketers to choose from. Some of the most popular are fashion, electronics, fitness, decor, and sports. When choosing a niche, you will need to ask yourself what you can offer to people that they have not been able to find.

2. Target Your Markets

People search, find, and buy products and services online. If you are looking to start an online business, you will have to target your market. Your niche should be what people are searching for and what you can provide. You can research your market by registering on multiple affiliate networks.

You can also find out what products and services people are searching for online by using the free online tools available for affiliate marketers.

3. Create Unique Content

The internet is a great place to sell things, and affiliate marketers should look to use it. The key to creating unique content is to develop something that no one else has before. Unique content is something that your customers cannot find on the internet. Generic content is something that other people can copy and paste to their own websites. To keep your unique content, you will need to constantly update it.

4. Set Up A Website

A website is a great tool for affiliate marketers. It is a good place to find your target market. It gives you a way to interact with your customers and get feedback. You can also register with affiliate networks to get some free advertising. It is also a good place to store your content.

5. Promote Your Niche

You can find your niche by using the research tools available online. You can also look at the prices of products and services and see which niches are more profitable. You can choose the niche that is most profitable and start promoting it. If you can provide something in exchange with your customers, you can make a profit.


Affiliate marketing is the most profitable approach to earning income from your site. Since you don’t ever need to offer your own products or services, all you need to do here is market the sales efforts of another business enterprise. Of course, the owner of the profits must ensure the quality of their goods or services sold.

Well, there are many affiliate programs on the internet, but you shouldn’t join everything. This is the reason you should decide on your own top-paying affiliate programs.

1. High Commission per Affiliate Sale

The first thing we will ask you to do before joining an affiliate program is to verify their terms. You should be cognizant of how much commission they pay you for each transaction along with the timing of the cookie. You must learn to select the one that maximizes your commission and for how long a cookie is a valid subscriber.

2. Reaching the Payment Threshold Faster

Since a merchant will have to pay conversion and transaction fees, they may have trouble paying a provider or small affiliate commission. To reduce these costs, they developed a minimum payment for transactions.

3. Lifetime Recurring Commissions

Occasionally, a referral will earn you a lifetime commission. Depending on the affiliate program, you might receive a one-time or lifetime recurring commission. Browse the finer points to note in the affiliates’ terms and conditions.

4. Commission Structure Based on the Number of Sales

Affiliate programs with the highest sales volume have commission levels that are equal to the number of sales, as opposed to measuring their value.

One of the popular web host companies, GreenGeeks, utilizes this commission plan for its affiliate network. If an affiliate has created an additional full year’s worth of sales, they will receive a $50 commission. If an affiliate recommends two people, he or she will receive a commission of $60 for each month they join.

5. Better Brand Value

Such high-profit affiliate programs usually come with superior brand quality. So, when you promote such items to your customers, you preserve your identification with them.

If you like something with high costs but bad branding, you should think twice about dedicating your whole company to it. Very good branding portends excellent service and low costs.

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Wrapping up

In conclusion, affiliate marketing is a way for individuals and businesses to make money by connecting with other professionals in an online marketplace. If you are interested in getting started (or want to learn more), check out my list of affiliate sources and start earning money.

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