Local Hotel - Growth Case Study

Learn how I helped this company to grow more than 3000% in website visits in the first 2 months.


Increase in more than 3000% in the first 2 months.

Casa do Foral had a very simple objective, but at the same time challenging. The idea would be to be a national reference when it comes to local accommodation and rural tourism, both offline and online.
Thanks to this challenge I was able to submit a simple and effective strategy that consisted of optimizing your social channels and the website itself for the best consumer experience.

The major activities that helped this business increase their revenue and traffic to their website:

  • Social Network Management
  • SEO optimization and website maintenance
  • Paid ads on Facebook Ads and Google Ads

But, I didn’t stop there, because I noticed that the project’s own image was fundamental to promote the product and so I decided to start with paid ads on Facebook in order to raise the largest number of people for the contact form, this done, we collected more than 400 leads for 1 month and 1 week and the rest was to continue with the sales funnel activities.

“For sure one of the greatest collaborations, we had so far, truly recommend to work with Alex from the first month that you have your company”


Founder, Hospitality Company


In collaboration with a branding / design partner we designed unique social media content that helped increase their conversions and late bookings for a estimate time range of 4-6months .


Increase of more than 2,000 users in the 1st month. More than 400 direct leads on the website Revenue increase above 70% in less than 2 months. Stabilizing itself as a brand of choice in the rural tourism market.


Increase of Users to the website and social media


Revenue Increase in less than 2 months


Leads to the website

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